Sunday, August 31, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days, Day 10, Date 5

NOTE: This is a late recap of my lunch date with Brian on Thursday, August 28th.

Lori set me up with, or really sent me the email of, a guy that was willing to participate in my dating challenge. We had a few pleasant emails and set a lunch date for Thursday at The Wycliffe House on campus. We had originally agreed to meet at 11:00, but then he moved it to 11:30 because his class would probably run late and he didn't want to risk standing me up. That was a good move, as his class didn't get out until right about then and I waited four minutes outside for him to arrive.

He ordered the sandwich special of the day and I had one of their salads. I don't usually eat salad, but I found myself feeling jealous of Mike and Bart's salads on Tuesday when we all went to lunch. Brian and I decided to sit outside because I thought I'd be cold inside. Turns out I was pretty hot sitting outside, so he much have been steaming. But, he had agreed to sit there saying he's from James Island and can handle the heat. I still think in retrospect we would have been more comfortable sitting inside, but when I said that at the end he said, "Vitamin D prevents Rickets and Osteomalacia." Too bad I already have Osteoporosis so too late preventing it! :)

We had a pretty geeky conversation about online chess, and Wired magazine, and the subject he's going to school for, Bioinformatics. Now Bioinformatics is something I think is so cool, and something I know almost nothing about since it's so new and SO complex - but I had read a little about it. Needless to say, I'm impressed with him intellectually. We talked a wee bit about my job. The conversation went well with appropriate breaks while eating. Then we had a little time left so he walked me back to my office and we sat on the benches in the courtyard (in the shade) and talked a little bit more.

I told him a little about the 30 Dates in 30 Days and how I'd been writing a blog. He told me to feel free to embellish our date in order the make the blog funnier. The thing is, I'm sure if I did that it would be hilarious, but then everyone would believe me because of the dates so far, and if it got out that I'd made anything up then it would ruin my reputation as an aspiring blog writer :)

I couldn't write this blog right after our date and then I had another date Thursday night, so I didn't have time then either, so please accept my apologies for not blogging this sooner.

I emailed him after our date and asked if he had a good time, and to let me know if he wants to go out again. He answered that he did have a good time, but he answered "sure" to the part about going out again, and I'm not certain if he means "sure, I would like to go out again," or "Sure I'll let you know if I want to go out again." I guess I better ask him and find out.

In other news, I lost the guy that was emailing me from the website. You remember, the "feirman" who likes "japaness" food. I emailed him Wednesday night to tell him that I couldn't have a date on noon Saturday because I had scheduled a meeting with my Dad at 10:00. I also told him that I don't think we are connecting very well over email I guess he didn't like that because he's not emailed again.

Also, George has never called or text since last Saturday.

There was one more date this night and I will write about it in a separate blog. :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 8, no date

Well I didn't have a date tonight, but you'll be glad to know I feel a lot better. Thanks for the nice messages about yesterday.

I have made some progress on finding a more dates though. I had more emails with my blind date on Thursday for lunch. He's awesome in email. Of course, he is a computer geek so I'd hope he could write a witty email. But, it's appreciated. So at 11:00 on Thursday we are going to lunch at the Wycliffe House.

Today I do believe I might have flirted with my new IT guy. I'm not sure though, but he did push my chair in for me after I sat back down in it. And I let him touch my squeezy stress fishy (see stress fishy's picture in my favorites).

Then remember bad grammar guy? We are going to lunch or something on Saturday, but I'm fairly sure now that he's not capable of writing a decent email. I just came out and asked him. He totally ignored my question and continued to do it. The last one asked me if I "like japaness???" I do actually, but for one Elizabeth's bad date story included a Japanese restaurant, and I just think that's too much for a first date. I really don't think there should be flying knives and fire at a first date. So, I'm not sure how to respond, but I think I'll just say I'd rather get some pasta. Yes, that's what I'll say.

I'll decide tomorrow whether to make a date with the IT guy. It may be a disaster, as what if it doesn't work out and then he won't support my work computer anymore. Doh!

So I'm four dates behind now. I'm still petitioning friends to find some dates.

Oh! I almost forgot!! I have a super awesome secret date scheduled for Thursday night! I'm so excited about it. But I shall not say a word... for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 7, 30 Dates Mixer, no date

Tonight I realized that this 30 Dates thing isn't all fun and games. I didn't get any dates at the mixer and my feelings were hurt. I don't know if you know this about me, but I work really hard to not let my feelings get hurt. I almost never put myself in enough risk to get hurt, ya know? Some people may know me for years and not know it's possible for it to happen.

So this is what happened. I got to Red's and I was actually pretty excited about the night. I'd worn this little black dress that Jana gave me to work that was probably too short but nobody said anything. While I was at work I wore a black sweater over the top that went very well and covered up the spaghetti straps so I wouldn't feel naked at work. I wore some black sandals with a heal that hurt my feet but looked nice. I have a cut on my little toe now. I even wore makeup to work which is something I almost never do.

So I saw Brooke and the people from 95sx. They all thought I looked so cute. One of the girls Ashley that used to work at Market Street back before it sucked was there. We tried to form a strategy of who we'd approach at the bar. So, I went out there. The first couple of guys were married, and I knew that, so I went with the approach that they must have some single friends. I always introduce the radio station thing and kind of ride the wave of the 30 dates in 30 days. I didn't really think they'd get on the phone and call up one of their friends, so no big deal there.

Then I went back inside where the one of the other girls was talking to a few people. She had made a date with one of the guys and the other one had a date with Brooke. For some reason the guys are reluctant to play the game and make a date with someone else if they've already made one. So, no action there.

Then I went outside and sat down next to two guys. The one on the far end from me said hello and actually seemed nice for a second. The the one right next to me says, "I know what you're going to ask and the answer is no." So, for a second I played into that, "What do you think I'm going to ask?" I just assumed he knew about the 30 dates thing. He responds, "Well why don't you ask and then I'll tell you if you're right." And I say, "well you're the one that thinks you know, so just tell me what you think." He refuses and I get frustrated. I guess I felt like he was making fun of me. I don't really know why it bothered me. So, I was like "well never mind, I don't need to ask you anything I'll just go back inside." The farther guy says to the guy next to me, "You offended her that quickly?" I responded, "yep, it was that quick". So I went back inside and sat down with everyone else. But, it really bothered me. Why did it bother me so much? I think it was the combination of my first day at work and all that. My sister said perhaps I ended up at an asshole convention by accident.

Anyway I thought maybe I had overreacted and there wasn't anything to it. So I went back out to talk to those guys again. After all, I really did want to keep on track with the dates. So I told them I had planned to ask one of them to take me out on a date, and went through the usual about the 95sx and the 30 dates. I could see in their faces that they really hadn't thought I was going to ask anything like that. But instead of being cool, they started making really vulgar comments to the likes that even I, a proficient swearer and inappropriate joke teller, was offended. Things like well only if we can have sex or whatever, in not such nice words.

So I went back inside and sat with my friends for a bit, but I was pretty much disheartened. For one because this is supposed to be fun and not mean. And two because I'm feeling pretty undatable. And what really bothers me is, I don't care! I don't need any dates, I just wanted to have some fun. And instead, I feel like a girl who can't get a date to her senior prom.

Anyway, so that's my story. To end on a positive note, my friend Lori set me up to go out with guy she knows from work. We've emailed and I think we will have a lunch date this week. I think on Thursday. He wrote, "nothing like the occasional blind date to sharpen the conversational skills." I like that. Let ya know how it goes!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 6, no date

No entertaining date stories today I'm afraid. I've plum run out of dates! Tomorrow I will attempt to catch up by making a lunch-time date or two during the next week. Being the second mixer, I do think that the date-getting process is will be much easier. I just have to strike before the other girls do. That last sentence reminded me of a snake in the grass :)

I did some online research on the intimidating woman factor. I think the most amusing passage came from this Christian site.

“But in my limited experience, when men describe women as intimidating, they are most often referring to a woman whose spirit is hard and unyielding. They are intimidated by her contentious attitude, by her ‘chew ‘em up and spit ‘em out’ attitude. Such a woman makes them wary.” - Carolyn McCulley

For the record, I never chew anything and the spit it out - I always swallow. haha. But seriously, if a guy is intimidated by me, he'll never get past my pets. My cat Ralph always sits on the couch in between me and any boy that might make it past my front door. He's about 26 lbs and I call him the Puma. And my sweet dog Marble turns into a vicious attack dog if any man approaches the hall toward my bedroom area, even to use the bathroom. So, good luck!

Oh yes, for a visual description on my first date, David, please refer to the Blue Collar comedian Larry the Cable guy. His accent almost perfectly imitates David's. They don't look that different either. But, David was not funny. Just imagine this guy saying, "these wings aren't hot at all." This YouTube video is him:

Well, I'll let you know tomorrow after the mixer my dating prospects for next week. Hopefully after my first day at my new job I will still feel up to it.

I'm trying to decide if it crosses the line to bring my new Pulse pen on my dates, but I think it probably does, even for me. So for now you will just have to relive my dates from my memory and narrative version.

As most of you know, I've been pushing pretty hard to obtain some dates from friends of friends. During this exercise, it doesn't really matter if they are not my type. Right now, during this 30 dates, I just require them to be single, male, and like women. The rest i can navigate on my own :)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 5, Date 4

I've just gotten back from my second date with George. This time I wasn't very impressed with him. It's possible that on Wednesday night I was happy that he wasn't as bad as David. Today, not so good. He did call right at 11:55 or so. He asked what I wanted to do and I said I'd like to go to Poe's and have a burger. He had told me on Wednesday that he'd never had food there, so since I always love their burgers I thought I'd introduce him to one. He came to get me around 1:15. I got home around 2:45, so the date lasted 90 minutes. I think that is my "not good date" time.

He picked me up and we drove the short drive to Sullivan's Island. We arrived at Poe's and it was packed. They had the "seat yourself" sign up even though that's nearly impossible to negotiate when it's so crowded. This is when I became annoyed with George. He's completely unassertive. I had to take over the seat finding process.

After we were seated we were talking and stuff but I just was pretty bored. I also was looking over at him and decided for certain I'm not attracted to him. He never really says anything funny. He wanted to hang out some more after lunch but I just wanted to go home. When we were leaving we ran into Ray from CSC. I think I was so happy to see Ray I gave him a huge hug. Ray must have thought I'd lost my mind.

Anyway he took me home. I thanked him for lunch and he asked if I wanted to go out again. I don't really think so this time but said maybe in a couple weeks when things cool off with the new job plus having more dates. Oh yeah, and he didn't pay me back like he insisted he would for Wednesday night. That's fine, it would have been too awkward anyway.

My friend and trainer Alicia says that I can be intimidating to men. I'm not really sure what that is about, but maybe I should explore it further.

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 4, Rescheduled Date

Hello my friends! As the title indicates, I did reschedule Friday's date with George for Saturday afternoon. I had an exhausting last day in Pediatrics and didn't leave the office until 7. Plus the weather was horrible. I thought perhaps I'd go out and meet Brooke and everyone later in the night, but I was fast asleep by 8:30! All this dating is exhausting!!

But, I still have something humorous to write for you!! As you know my picture and email are on the 95sx website so that people can write me and ask me for a date. Nobody had done that until yesterday, which was not the best day, probably, for someone to do so. So, this guy with absolutely horrible grammar wrote me an email asking me for a date. Immediately I look him up on facebook (no account) and MySpace (of course). Well this guy has sent me random messages on MySpace on a number of occasions. What a loser. Anyway, I ponder the situation, and in the spirit of the program I say yes, sure we can go on a date. Now, this is one essential flaw of the 30 Date in 30 Days. Just because I'm doing it does not mean that I am desperate for dates. In fact, it's quite the opposite! I have very little faith in the male population. If I happen to meet one that I don't think is stupid which is not very often, then I pretty much assume that in the long run he's not going to stick around for my health issues. And you know, why should he? But anyway, back to my point, no I am not desperate to go out with anything walking around that happens to have a penis.

I've finished with the introductions, and I feel that the best way to show what I'm dealing with here is to actually share the email conversations. When I say, bad grammar, I don't think it's possible for me to describe it well enough without sharing it.


Subject: i see your doing the 30dates in 30 days lets make a date

Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 1:59 pm (him to me)

hey there! i live in summerville and im 5'11 dark blonde hair blue eyes. im a full time fierfighter and i also volunteer at a fire department as well. i would like to take u out on a date. i see that you are one of the lovely ladies doing to 30 dates in 30 days. i use to live in granville,il its near lasalle-peru,il. so i think we might have a few things the same. how are u liking it down here in charleston? i think we might have fun together who knows it might work out to where you would let me take u on a second date or we just become friends. hope to hear from u soon.robert gray


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 2:43 pm (me to him)

Okay, we can go on a date. What day?Theresa


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 2:49 pm (him to me)

i was thinking about next friday or saturday i dont have off till then and i thought it would give us time to talk and get to know each other a bit


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 2:52 pm (me to him)

Hmm, you really want a prime time night, huh? That seems awful far away since I have to go out on dates every single night. But I'd consider Saturday afternoon since it's a first date.


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 2:54 pm (him to me)who are u doing and what all do u like to do???

----------*** who am I doing? wtf??*** (narrative)


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 3:02 pm (me to him)

I don't really understand the first part of your questions.


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 3:04 pm (him to me)

thats kool i just have class and work alot this week and im free on friday and saturday. would u wan t to chat on the phone till then?? what all do u like to do??


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 3:05 pm (him to me)

sure type and trying to help a friends with some class work. what all do u like to do? would u wantto chat on the phone till our date??


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 4:18 pm (him to me)what do u like to do??


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 4:56 pm (him to me)

u want to get together saturday afternoon then??


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 5:18 pm (me to him)

Yes. Saturday afternoon will work. I won't have time to talk on the phone before then. I just got a promotion and will be very busy at work and also will being going on other dates every night. So, email you next Friday and see what you have in mind to do. I'm afraid you're on your own as to thinking of something original to do.Theresa


Date:Fri, 22 Aug 2008 5:31 pm (him to me)

ok i have a few things in mind that we could do.


Okay, that was the end of the email correspondence. That last email is really on the verge of being perverse I think. Maybe not, maybe I'm too hard on the guy. So that is one for next week. The next 95sx mixer is Monday. So, I'll have to catch up on some dates somehow. I guess what really bothers me about this dude is that he writes like he's some high school kid texting or writing on IM. "kool?" give me a break. Makes me think he tries to hook up with minors in his spare time. He's writing an email to someone he knows is a 31 year old accountant, the least he could do is write properly. But at the very least you will have something amusing to read in the aftermath! Also, for the record, Friday and Saturday night dates will be reserved for really hot dudes or second dates.

Today George is supposed to call me around noon and we'll have lunch. He's insisting on paying me back with cash in addition to taking me out today. Let ya know how it goes!

Friday, August 22, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 3, Date 3 (sort of)

Well tonight I didn't have a date scheduled. I was looking forward to just going home actually, but a little after 1 Brooke from 95sx emailed and said she had a Riverdogs ticket for me and my date, and if I didn't have one she was able to produce a few friends of her date for the night, Moses. I had met Moses on Monday night at the mixer. So, now I had a date, sort of.

It was pouring down rain when I left for the ballgame. Rain bands and wind from Fay were rolling into Charleston and will continue to do so for the next few days. So, by the time I got from the parking lot to the the stadium despite my rain jacket and umbrella, I was soaked, namely my feet and pants. I had worn my Rainbow flips because I knew my feet were going to get wet and I can't stand wet socks.

So we hung out at the field for a little while in the rain drinking our Dolla Beers. One of the other girls was there, Mendi. So, Moses' friends were okay. One of them I had also met Monday night, and the other one was new. To be honest I can't remember either of their names. The friend I'd met the other night (is it John?) was very nice and had also taken out another girl in the program, Corin, on Tuesday night. The other new friend was pretty useless. He spent most of the night texting other people.

So, we left and went to get sushi. I had a good time and do like sushi. I can't be a very daring sushi eater because of transplant issued but had a little roll and some etimame and Saki! :)

Then Brooke went home since she has to get up so early and the rest of us went to a bar. Mendi had driven me from the ball park to downtown, so I when I wanted to head out I called a friend to come and take me to my car.

So, this really didn't turn out to be a real date, but it still counts because I went out to a place in anticipation of having a date and talked to boys. :)

Tomorrow I have another date with Date 2, George.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 2, Date 2

About an hour ago I arrived back from my second date. This date was nice. There were even interesting moments - including a test of character.

George called me around noon and confirmed we were still on for the night. I told him I hadn't looked up the movies yet but I would do that and text him later. He was very polite on the phone and said, "I know you're at work and I am too so I won't keep you long." That was nice.

So I looked up the movie at Cinebarre and it was playing at 7:30. Now we had free tickets to Pineapple Express at Regal Cinemas, courtesy of 95sx. When I looked up the theatre I was sure that it was a Regal, but it turns out that it wasn't. But let me back up a bit.

Before the movie, that we agreed to meet at 7:15 for, I had been working and writing a Sole Source justification. I have a habit of losing time when I'm working so at some point I decided I needed to go, without really checking the time. So, it turned out that I left the house at 6:30 which was very early. I arrived at Cinebarre and gave George a call so that if he was ready he could come on over. He arrived and we went to the window where we were informed that it wasn't a Regal. So, we decided to go to Palmetto Grande since we had plenty of time to get there for the next Pineapple Express show. We decided to take his car to Palmetto. He drove nice and didn't speed, which would have bothered me. So, that was good. He said nice things like he was really glad I asked him to go out for this date, and that he liked my glasses. He opened the car door for me and his car was pretty clean for a single guys car.

We got to the movie and got drinks. I decided not to eat anything because I had a tummy ache earlier. We talked a bit before the movie started and he was fairly easy to talk to. The movie itself was okay. It was a little funny, but they mixed in a lot of action and fighting and shooting, and I wished it was either a straight comedy or an action flick. The two mixed together don't usually impress me. But, it was okay.

After the movie he asked if I wanted to get a drink and I said yes and we just walked across the street to the Tapas place. We both got a beer and some food. We talked a little bit about all sorts of things. Small talk, but not forced like Date 1's conversations. Overall it was pleasant.

Then, when the bill came a very unfortunate thing happened. His debit card got declined and he didn't have an alternative form of payment. So, that was pretty embarrassing for him. He did his best to salvage the situation and went outside apparently to call the bank, but we all know the banks aren't open that late. So, I just paid the bill. Now, I felt bad for him because nobody wants that to happen, certainly not on a date. But, I was really interested in how he would handle that. Would he become cranky? Would he say nothing and try to pretend it didn't happen?

So, we walked back to the car and that gave him a minute to figure things out. He opened the car door for me and then got in. So, he turned to me and said he was really sorry and that he was really embarrassed right then. I told him it was fine that it happens to everyone, and it's always really embarrassing even when you're alone. So he said that he'd understand if I didn't want to go out again but if he could just meet me somewhere and pay me back he'd feel better. I told him he'd just better take me out again and we'll be even. He drove me back to my car and his driving didn't change so overall even though that was a trying situation I liked the way he handled it.

We're going to go out again on Friday. I don't think that I see any kind of romance potential with him, but I think he's honest and kind, and easy to get along with.

Overall this was a good experience, and does show that you can go on a date with someone that you normally wouldn't consider, and be glad that you met someone new at the end.

Now, I don't have a date for tomorrow... I guess I'll have to find one so I don't get behind.

Now the funny part. Today they put up the girls that agreed to share this experience on the 95sx website. They listed me last, perhaps because I'm the oldest and perhaps because they saved the best for last ;)

There is definitely a sad aspect to all of this. I lost something recently that meant the world to me. This 30 dates in 30 days seemed like a daring and fun experience. I am not lonely, but I still feel a heavy sorrow. Trying to let go of that will be a long journey, and just starting on it tears at my heart.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days - Day 1, Date 1

I've just arrived home from my first date, with David. First, the setting, Wild Wings in Mount Pleasant, on Two for Tuesday. Duration: 90 minutes. We were to meet at Wild Wings at 7:00. I was wearing pink and khaki plaid Capri's, a pink tank top, white sandals, and I also had a khaki shirt tied around my waist in anticipation of being cold.

David rang my phone at 6:48 PM as I was getting in the car to drive to the restaurant. I answered. He indicated that he was already at Wild Wings and asked if it was alright if he got a table. Translation, "are you actually coming?" Yes I answer, I'll be there in less than 10 minutes.

As I arrive he is standing outside waiting with his table beeper. He is wearing a blue Izod polo shirt and khaki shorts, and boat shoes I guess, with white socks. We went to the outside bar and I ordered a sweet tea. He did also.

He made some small talk about dating. I indicated I don't go out on dates very often and he acted like that was odd, so I assume he thought I was lying. You know, that "oh, really?" response. I was unable to assess whether he was attempting to indicate he went on lots of dates, but I decided I didn't want to know and changed the subject.

So, I asked him what he did for work. I must admit I'm a little reluctant to disclose this information as there may be a number of my facebook friends that may recognize him - but I'm not holding anything back as to avoid disappointing my avid readers. So, he told me he cuts hair at the Citadel. Now, normally, it would be somewhat interesting I think, to run into a straight male hairdresser... but somehow I don't think shaving knobs heads falls into that category. I was somewhat curious what classification a state employee barber would be, so I could not help but look it up in the state classification system:

So then of course I told him about my job. About then our table was ready. We sat outside. He was on my left side, which doesn't bode well for me hearing him all that well, and unfortunately there was a huge group about 20 deep on our right. I let him know that he had to speak up because I don't hear all that well, but since he made a joke about it, I'm sure it wasn't clear that I was serious until about the 10th time I asked him to repeat himself.

So then we ordered. I got 12 ginger wings, he ordered Habanero Hot wings. I, of course, was not impressed with this. At the worst this is a disastrous act of foodie machismo, and at best a foolish choice for first date dinner that you want to feel comfortable. So the wings came and he coughed down the first one. He did actually eat them all, but around the fourth one he said, "these aren't hot at all." I refrained from asking him if he always sweats profusely from his forehead and neck while chugging water and downing ranch dipped celery and instead smiled politely.

I was looking forward to eating, for one because I was hungry and love Wild wings, but also because I assumed it would be a break from conversation. I am a fairly serious eater, and don't usually talk that much while I'm eating. But, he kept talking, I think nervous kind of talk, and so then I was forced to either ask him to repeat himself or just nod and pretend I heard him. This is quite a decision, as I'm frequently reminded of the Seinfeld episode in which Jerry gets roped into wearing the puffy shirt because he just nodded in agreement at the low talking woman.

Apparently on the television behind me there was some show on with girls with huge racks. That drew his attention on a number of occasions. Then, after he'd notice that I'd "caught" him looking over there, he'd start talking again. It was sort of a vicious cycle.

He asked me if I'd like to go for a walk on the beach with him after dinner. I politely declined. Then we talked about what kind of movies we like. I like documentaries and movies with fighting in them, like Fight Club and Boondock Saints. He hadn't heard of those movies, but likes Westerns, movies with motorcycles in them, and comedies.

We also talked about video games. He likes console games like PS2 golf games. I like PC online games and RPG and Sim games.

I excused myself to wash my hands and I think he was afraid I was going to bolt, because he tried to insist that I didn't need to wash my hands that I should use the wipes that Wild Wings provides. I did manage to go actually go wash my hands.

So, then dinner was over and I told him thanks and that I should get home because I had to walk my dog. This admittedly was only half true, as I do have a dog but like a good dog mommy had walked her before our date.

We were walking out and he made a hand motion to me that I didn't understand. I asked him what he was saying and he was actually indicating that I should walk faster. So, then he said he had a good time and could we go out again, and I said we'll see but I'm sure I'll see him around at the next 95sx mixer. He made a clumsy attempt at giving me a hug which I sort of dodged and turned into a half hug.

So, the overall assessment, not a disaster, but not something I want to do again. Besides the fact that he is probably 10 to 15 years older than me and in very poor physical shape, we don't have anything in common and I wasn't excited about our conversations.

So the positive aspects are that I did go out on a date. And, I went on a date with someone that I normally would not have, which is part of the idea of this little exercise.

I'll keep you posted on my progress and/or regression :)

PS - I need dates! Please subject your friends to a date with me and I promise that I will not completely emasculate them, at least not in public ;)

PPS - I've just remembered one more thing as I was taking my hair down just now. During the clumsy hug he made a somewhat obvious attempt to sniff my hair.

Monday, August 18, 2008

30 Dates in 30 Days... The Intro

As promised - the full report.

A few of you may know that I did something crazy, that being joining a local radio station 95SX "experiment" where I will go on, yes, 30 Dates in 30 Days. This is somewhat, or perhaps completely, out of character for me. Being out of character is why I decided to sign up, and attempt to complete this silly stunt.

So tonight was the first "mixer" or happy hour at Red's on Shem Creek. A few other girls showed up, I only know of four for sure besides me and Amy who was kind enough to be my wing man and also was interested in honing in on her flirting skills.

The concept is twofold - for one taking the suspense, fear, anxiety, etc. out of just going on a simple date. The idea that having a date can be just that, and not a preamble for a serious relationship. The second is to open yourself up to going on a date with someone you may not ever consider speaking to otherwise, potentially.

I managed to make two dates. Both of which accomplished the goal of going on a date with someone I'd usually not give a second look. So, tomorrow I will have a date with a guy named David. He seems like a very nice guy, but in no way resembles either physically nor intellectually someone I would be interested in. Then, Wednesday I have a date with a guy named George. He seemed cool enough; however, he talked so quietly and his words lacked distinction to the point that given my degree of hearing loss (thank you Tobramycin) and inability to read his lips I really had no idea most of the time what he was saying. So, for having made the first date out of anyone I had received two free movie tickets to Pineapple Express, and decided that would be a good date for someone that I had no latent ability to communicate with.

I failed in my goal to create enough dates to last me until the next mixer. This is partially because it took me nearly 90 minutes to get started on the date scheduling process - which I discovered absolutely did require me to approach a strange, and strange looking, man and insist that he take me on a date - like tomorrow.

But, it does seem easier now, so hopefully I can secure a few more dates in the meantime.

The tally so far:

Good things:

1) I get a dinner and a movie that no doubt I would not take myself on alone.

2) I did manage to have an enlightening and enjoyable conversation with George's friend who incidentally is from out of town and leaving tomorrow. (no date there!)

3) I got a few free Bud Lights, which combines two of the only beers I drink (as a reminder those are a) Guinness on tap, b) Bud Light, and c) Free Beer!)

4) I got to meet Brooke and Tanya from 2 Girls and a Guy, and they are very cool.

5) I hung out with Amy and we never have before. Hopefully she will continue to come to the mixers.

6) I left the house for a social event on my own accord and had a fun time.

Bad things:

1) Two random dudes now have my phone number

.2) I think George must be an auto mechanic or something because his fingernails were filthy. At first I thought he must be one of those weird Goth guys and couldn't get the nail polish off haha. But, it seems he works on cars and paints them. Because of obvious transplant issues I of course cannot let some grimy finger nails touch me. Hopefully he won't think about sharing a popcorn!

So, in the words of the great Beth Peters, "Let you know how it turns out!"