Monday, August 31, 2009

More Prep Time for 2010 US Transplant Games

I did two things today critical for the US Transplant Games preparation.  First, I asked my boss, B^Yuppie, if I can have the time off next year for the Games.  This is important because it is during the most busy time of my work year, and 1) I don't want it to be a surprise and 2) I don't really want to bust my ass doing all of this training if in the end I can't go.  Second, I RSVP's for the first Charleston meeting of the Games to take place in September at the LifePoint annex.

I was notified by email that my suits that I bought yesterday have been shipped.  Most exciting news!

So, pictures, this is the Speedo Pink Spacey Daisy Endurance+ that I ordered in size 38

And this is the Speedo Pink Digital Rock Endurance + that I ordered in size 36.
These suits also come with matching caps, which I may allow myself to splurge on later.
My plan is to go in the morning and lift weights first, and then finish in the pool before lugging off to work.  This I found out is the more motivating plan because I can get warm first in the gym before having to plunge my already cold self into the pool first thing.  I found that this plan works better for getting up.  I'm not much of a morning person anymore, and unfortunately either is my dog, M^Barbie.  So, no counting on her help to get up and at 'em in the early morning.  She has a tendency to pretend she's dead if I try to make her get up before 7.  Sorry doggie.
Now for a flashback.  The Transplant Games are really amazing.  I don't think I've been so inspired very often in my life.  I would encourage all transplant recipients, donor families, and living donor families to go to the Games, even if you are up not up to competing (competition is only available for recipients).  However, there are so many different kinds of events that I would be open-minded and at least give them a look.
You can find the 2008 swimming results posted here.  You can find my name third in 100 meter I.M., women age 30-39, third in the 50 meter freestyle, women age 30-39, and first in the 50 meter butterfly, women age 30-39.
I'd like to take a special look at the third event, not just because I won it (but isn't that great!), but also because all three of these women are Cystic Fibrosis Lung Transplant recipients aged 30-39.  What an accomplishment!  Unbelievable, really, remarkable.  Here is our picture.

I was especially humbled and glad to meet and swim against both Anabel Stenzel and her twin sister Isabel Stenzel Byrnes.  Please visit their website and consider purchasing their book!

My sister, CysticGal, also took three very short videos, but she didn't get the butterfly since that was on the third day, after she had to leave:

Are you getting excited yet?

Please note that I have stolen my sister's method of changing names to protect the innocent.
Also, I may need a volunteer photographer and videographer to record this journey for me!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Beginning, Again aka The 2010 Games Kick-Off Post

I've struggled with the idea of starting up writing again, but couldn't find a topic that I could sustain a long-term blog relationship with. Well, I've found it!
You may or may not know that in the 2008 US Transplant Games, that took place in July 2008 in Pittsburg, I represented Team South Carolina and won two bronze medals, and one gold medal, in 50 freestyle, 100 IM, and 50 butterfly, respectfully.
That time I started training in July 2007 and did very well, but in December 2007 I got Infectious Mononucleosis and my training was severely detered until May 2008. Still, I won three medals.
Since then I've gained some weight, or maybe a lot of weight, and don't fit into my size 32 Speedo suits very well. So, tonight, in an effort to stop procrastinating, I've purchased my two new suits. One is size 38, the bigger "drag" suit. The other is size 36, the smaller suit. Perhaps by the time I'm done I'll be fitting into the 32s again and not manage to cut off the circulation to my limbs.
These are pictures of my new suits. I bought the pink Spacey Daisy Axcel Back Endurance + as the size 38 drag suit. For those that don't know, "drag" suit is not a suit I wear in order to dress in "drag" but instead a suit that you wear over your other suit while practicing in order to add weight and extra pull in practice.
I also bought the pink Digital Rock Splash Back Endurance+ in size 36, as my normal fitting suit.
I came up with a strategy in 2008 that I would swim the 100 butterfly, 50 butterfly, and 100 I.M. I specialize in butterfly, and there is less competition in there. I'm hoping that some of my friends from 2008 games will return.
So, I must begin training again straight away! Wish me luck!