Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking suggestions

I plan to start writing more versions of how I see the world on my facebook notes, but cannot narrow on a topic. It could be random I suppose, but then surely I will be all over the map. Here is a list of potential topics, and their potential downfalls.

Politics - I am sure to offend, and I mean seriously offend, some of my facebook friends with this one. That being said, I'm fairly sure it would be ongoing and fairly funny.

Work - Well, one downfall of this is that Dr. Raymond is my Facebook friend, and therefore may run into my attempt of humor. Also, there would surely be some ribbing on my more geeky work friend (you know who you are!)

Love life - a good topic indeed, when it's going on. At the moment, we have nil. And, I'm not currently willing to sacrifice on the dating front for the sake of comedy. (See my previous 30 dates in 30 days notes)

Geekdom - I actually have a Sims2 city based on Downers Grove with DG characters, and they do have some outrageous adventures. I've thought about writing them with some editorial comment. This has potential for being pretty funny, but also creepy.

Alright, let the ideas flow. I really need to write! And, make people laugh :P