Friday, September 4, 2009

Pricks and Falls May Break My Bones, but Headaches Always Hurt Me

Oh dear where do I start!  Today was such a wreck.  Sinus pain woke me up at 3.  I took care of that with a bit of Tobi, only to be plagued by a headache two hours later.  Tylenol somewhat resolves the headache.  I feel thankful that the locker room is closed for maintenance today so I don't have to feel guilty for not going to the gym... only to walk out of the bedroom to find that my animals have ganged up to completely destroy my black prescription sunglasses.  I will add a picture of exhibit A soon.  One whole lens was popped out and chewed up as if it were rawhide.  The ends of the glasses that wrap around my ears, that my dear Suzanne spent so much time sculpting with hot sand so they would fit me perfectly, completely chewed off to reveal a thin sharp metal frame.  The hinges bent beyond repair.  The frame around the missing edge gnarled.  Unbelievable.  Perhaps this is the message I needed to not feel that I'd totally splurged to replace my OLD prescription sunglass lenses with my new prescription.

I can imagine how this happened.  The little one, Mishka, was probably employed by her dog and cat siblings to jump to the table in the entrance area where my sunglasses and keys sit.  All items properly knocked to the floor, then the others began their assault on my Nine West perfect black prescription sunglasses.  The horror!

I managed to bring myself out of the combined rage and exhaustion in order to get to work.  One amusing thing happened that was delightful.  A girl, in an attempt to bring her bike down the front porch steps of her Rutledge Avenue rented home, bit it.  Both her and the bike hit the curb.  She was not hurt, except for her pride, so it was quite amusing.  She seemed rather clumsy, and nearly fell over again while attempting to right her bike.  The important thing was, she didn't spill her coffee, safely carried in her special no-spill coffee container.  Good thinking.

Arriving at work, I find that my boss, B^Yuppie, has killed his computer.  I heard the sounds of the dying MAC over and over, which reminds me of the sounds my PlayStation makes when starting up.  RIP MAC.

The IT guy, C^Techy, spent the day operating on the dead MAC.  He also spent the time trying to convince me to try play the open beta of Aion.  He finally convinces me to end the self-imposed anti-gaming phase I've been on for a good while.  I get home and attempt to download the client, and when my computer says it will take 9 DAYS, I decide that is a sign from God.  I am trying to believe it is a sign from God that I should not be playing any cool MMORPG's, rather than a sign that I need to upgrade my slow ass old Windows box.  NOOO.  I guess I should stick to ROTS.  MUDS rule biatches.

During lunch I saw a sweet racing yellow Lotus Elise just like this one, except a hard top.  I don't know that much about cars, so don't spam me about the Americanized version :) ( not that I'm in any danger of my barely read blog being a source of controversy)

I have a brief despicable idea to hang around and meet whoever is driving it.  With my luck, it would be a woman.  In any case, the [wo]man driving it is probably a prick, or has a small prick, either way it just wouldn't do, now would it?  He/she was parked in a handicapped parking spot without a decal, surely a sign.  Although, I suppose being a prick with a small prick is totally a disability.  I should be more sensitive, it's one of my character flaws.

My lunch was complete crap.  I used to really like the Chicken Alfredo and Chicken Montreal that is offered in the A la carte area of our MUSC cafeteria.  Namely because it comes with so much cheese.  Nothing with that much cheese can be wrong.  However, I've given up.  The last two times I've purchased this once favorite, the "chicken" has been disgusting, a truly awful looking nasty tasting foul (haha) rubbery clumps of gross.  So, no more.  I attempted to salvage the cheese and tossed the rest.

By this hour my headache had again become unmanageable.  I waited the appropriate eight hours before taking two more Tylenol Extra Strength so that I don't become one of the lame-o's that busts their livers up taking too much acetaminophen.  For fucks sake my liver is all I have left!  Gone are the days where I can abuse ibuprofen.  Oh so do I miss those days.

So, to go about diagnosing the top of the head headache.  It is one of two things.  1)  Tension, highly probable.  CoEE stuff is crazy and being one of the only people in the state that understands it is trying.  But, more likely given my new exercises, the problem is dehydration.  Apparently when I get dehydrated, as shown in an MRI a few years ago, the fluid around my brain thickens up and squeezes my little brain like a clamp.  This is of course a very unscientific description.  For further information, read about dehydration and CFS, CVP, and IVP.  I guess I should drink more fluids.

Luckily the headache resolved.

I'll write about my swimming and the gym later.  I did it.  Yay.  The drag suit is completely too huge.  I'm blaming it for the excessive slowness, because that is easier to admit than I'm just a total blob of inactivity with no more muscle tone.  Never mind the fact that I could barely lift my arms in order to wash my hair and that today squatting down to sit on a toilet was quite a chore.  What is funny is the looks of the other people who were at the pool thinking I must be the most modest person ever to have two suits on, and perhaps that I'd recently lost a bunch of weight since the bigger one was just hanging off of me.

Now that is something that sucks about being on prednisone.  I hate how fat it makes my face.  I was looking in the mirror at the gym, and my legs looks pretty skinny despite my idea that I have these huge hips.  But, since I usually look at myself from the face down, and most of my pictures are of my pudge-a-liscous face, I feel huge.  I know it's not right, I'm just saying.  At least I'm not 95 lbs with a face so big that it looks like a balloon that could pop off any fly away anymore.  :)


  1. oh no! am i the 95 pounder with the big face, of whom you write?!

  2. :) Well, right after my transplant I was thrilled and thought I looked so nice, being that I had color in my face and all. It wasn't until months later when I saw pictures and was like OMG!

  3. a lotus drove by where i was standing waiting for the dragoncon parade to start yesterday. it was a yellow convertible kind with the top off.