Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nondate-out... Unboyfriend... Breakup?

I was once married to a man that I'm quite sure to this day would take a bullet for me.  Sometimes things in your life break your relationships.  For me, that was my lung transplant.

The good news is, it didn't break me, or him. 

I once dated a man that said that he thought if we broke up I would shrug it off and play some video games.  I loved him, he did not love me.  Play video games I did, shrug it off I did not.

I've been on less than ten dates in the last sixteen months, most have been fodder for blog material, either intentionally or unintentionally.

So forward to last week.  I think, maybe a boy likes me?  Maybe I like a boy?  We make a plan to hang out, maybe a date, a date-out, if you will.  Boy and I both seem happy about it.  The morning of, the boy wants to clarify what it is.  I dunno, what is it?  Boy says he's getting back with ex.  Boy cancels hanging out.  I say, thanks for telling me.  Walk away.

What now?  Ah yes, video games, with shrugging.

I wonder, when is the next time I will maybe like a boy?


  1. I find this to be an accurate assessment of your marriage, that other video-game-breakup, and the current situation. The only thing is that you and the boy seemed to have already had one non-date, and that well, the small details in the final story really help set the tone that I mean,

    What is the deal with men and their love for leading a gal on?

    What is the deal .

  2. What I am trying to say, above, is that after two weeks of a lot of drama in my life, amidst all the other things I have to worry about, I find myself surrounded by men who are like
    Wahhhhh wahhhh, look at these decisions I made.
    Wahhhhh wahhhh, look how I did this stupid thing.
    Wahhhhh wahhhh, now I have to deal with the result of my actions.

    And I'm like, MEN, shut up.

    Women never seem to have the luxury to complain about their own decisions. We're always busy complaining about the things men do to us!

  3. Settle down ladies :) There's a guy in the room now.

    What video games do you play?