Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Swimsuits Have Arrived!

I received notification today that my new Speedo suits had arrived.  I couldn't wait to go home.  The order is correct.  I'm a little worried about the 38.  It's a lot bigger than me.  But, it will make a great drag suit.  Lots of water will get stuck in it for sure.  It is still cute.  I probably should have bought a 34 and 36, but I'll keep it.

I did have a fail today on the way to the gym.  I realized when I'd driven half way that I'd forgotten my perfectly set out work clothes at home.  So, I had to turn around and go back, and start again.  Well, at least I didn't realize that at the end, which has also happened in the past.

The workout itself went about as I expected.

  • Leg Press 90 lbs x 16 reps x 2 sets --> must increase weight
  • Leg Extension 35 lbs x 12 reps x 2 sets --. I will leave this the same for next time
  • Leg Curl 35 lbs x 16 first set, 35 lbs x 12 second set --> Increase to 40 lbs for next time
  • Rows 30 lbs x 10 first set, 40 lbs x 10 second set --> Use 40 lbs next time
  • Push ups 10 x 2 sets --> These were of poor structure, so I'll do the same amount next time
  • Standard Leg Lifts 15 seconds x 5 sets --> doing 20 sets of these or any abs was totally unrealistic
  • Supermans 15 seconds x 5 sets
  • Scissors 15 reps x 5 sets
  • Thrusters --> I skipped these!

Overall I'm pretty happy with this first workout day.  I completed the main goal of getting up and getting to the gym, and working out.  I even did nearly everything on my list.  My abs are weak now and that makes me sad, but they will come back quickly.

So now I will prepare tomorrow mornings weight training + swimming workout and post it later tonight!

Today when I was at the gym one of the employees had a shirt on that said,
"Training is the opposite of hoping."
 I really liked that shirt.

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